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October 14, 2015



Forward seeks to find audience among the underrepresented in sci-fi entertainment

AUSTIN, TX, October 14, 2015 —The worlds of TV and digital media are converging as consumers flock to new platforms to watch more and more video content according to ComScore.com, a global media measurement and analytics company.
The company finds that more than 80% of all internet users worldwide watch video content online, to include newer forms of digital entertainment, like web series. And as this audience grows, so does its diversity.

As more diverse audience eagerly seek entertainment in popular genres like science-fiction and drama, the demand for entertainment that reflects that diversity is at an all-time high.

The upcoming web-series Forward is a science-fiction drama that endeavors to provide their audience with quality entertainment and fill in the diversity gaps for viewers in underrepresented and underserved markets.

Forward creator, writer, and producer Serenity Edward echoes this sentiment. When asked what compelled her to create the series, Edward replied, “I created this series because I could do nothing else. The need to see and experience diversity in entertainment, especially in science-fiction, and the need for different communities to see themselves represented positively and accurately in all genres, truly representing of all aspects of humanity, is just too overwhelming.”

Forward features a very diverse ensemble cast, to include a deaf actress as one of its main characters.

The enthusiastic showrunner continued, “Many have questioned my casting choices in the development of this series, as though it seems unrealistic. But the fact is, just as the present is not homogeneous, neither will the future be, regardless of what has been shown to this point in futuristic speculative and science-fiction projects.”

“The future cannot and will not be homogeneous. The future is for everyone, because every one of us is working hard towards creating the future — together. It belongs to all of us. And we deserve quality shows and films that depict that. I’m personally and wholeheartedly committed to creating this type of entertainment, making sure EVERYONE’S story gets a chance to be told.”

Forward is produced by Edward’s production company, aptly named Evolve.Forward.Media, Inc. The production house is a subsidiary of Shiz, Inc., a multimedia company. Along with Forward, the niche production company is also currently producing two short films in 2016: 8 Bucks, which highlights the plight of homelessness, and Veteran, which explores the very real and devastating effects of PTSD, substance abuse and homelessness on military veterans.

Edward ends with, “I want to tell the stories that are truly compelling — stories that stir the soul, soothe the spirit and make people stop and really marinate on what they’ve seen. I think that’s what the really good stories do, and it’s an honor for me to get the chance to tell some of them.”

About Forward
Forward is a science-fiction drama that explores human evolution as a physiological inevitability. Both guided and thwarted by two warring alien races, as well as by a government intent on stopping the evolution, a group of humans fight to lead humanity towards the future of the possible for the species.

For more information and news about Forward, please visit http://evolveforward.net/
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